250 Tonne Cranes For Hire in Melbourne and Geelong

250 Tonne Cranes For Hire in Melbourne and Geelong

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With a 60m boom and a load capacity of 100t, the Liebherr LTM1100 crane for hire offers a combination of strength and reach now available for hire on your site. Powerful, with excellent reach, and improved mobility, the Liebherr LTM1100 could be just the crane you need for your site and is now available for hire. This crane comes with excellent lifting capabilities, able to handle a maximum load of up to 100t with a radius of 3m of movement. The telescopic boom extends up to 60m, making it one of the longest in its class as well. That said, the relatively light weight of this crane affords it extra mobility that can make it a very convenient option for the site.

As a 5-axle crane, this vehicle offers versatility through different driving states, enabling it to handle driving and site conditions of a wide variety, including the Hillstart-Aid which can help prevent it from rolling backwards when you’re heading up hills, while an improved support system ensures stability thanks to the VarioBase, enabling higher lifting capacities.

  • Max. load capacity: 100t
  • Telescopic boom up to 60.00m
  • Max. hoist height: 91m
  • Max. radius: 66m
  • Driving speed: 85.00km/h

250 Ton Crane For Hire in Melbourne and Geelong

Do you want a crane that boasts massive lifting power and unmatched safety? Welcome to the 250 ton crane for hire at Quinlan Cranes. This beast of a crane is a leviathan in the lifting arena, combining immense power with precision engineering to provide exceptional capabilities for a variety of demanding projects.

The 250t crane symbolises our commitment to providing industry-leading solutions that enhance project efficiency and safety. If you need to lift up to 250 tonnes and want an easy hiring experience, then our 250 tonne crane ticks all the boxes.

Key Features and Specifications of the 250 Tonne Crane

The 250 tonne crane is engineered with cutting-edge technology, offering high performance and reliability. Its notable features include a maximum lifting capacity of 250 tonnes and an innovative, telescopic boom for superior reach and flexibility. The crane also boasts eco-friendly engines that minimise emissions without compromising on power, adhering to the latest environmental standards. With its formidable mobility, this 250t crane can traverse a range of terrains, making it a versatile choice for any heavy-duty project.

It’s the most powerful crane in its category globally, thanks to VarioBallast technology, which allows for optimal lifting capacities with adjustable ballast radii. This capability is ideal for operations in constrained spaces, enhancing flexibility and safety. Additionally, the adaptability of the 250 ton crane for hire at Quinlan Cranes is further enhanced by options for a multi-functional folding jib, a long-lowering fixed jib, or a rigid, powerful jib.

  • 250 tonne maximum load capacity.
  • 108m maximum hoist height.
  • 96m maximum lifting radius.
  • 60m telescopic boom.
  • Extremely efficient and environmentally friendly design.
  • Highly mobile and adaptable to a variety of terrains.
  • Best choice for projects that require extreme lifting capabilities.

Overview of the Liebherr 250 Tonne LM1250 Crane

The Liebherr LTM1250, distinguished as the most powerful 5-axle crane on the market, revolutionises lifting capabilities with its exceptional 250-tonne load capacity and a telescopic boom reaching up to 60 meters. Featuring VarioBallast technology for adaptable ballast radii and a versatile range of boom systems, this 250 tonne crane ensures unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. With the addition of an elevating cab for optimal load visibility, the LTM1250 sets new standards in mobile crane performance, now available for hire from Quinlan Cranes to tackle the most challenging projects with unmatched stability and power.

Applications and Industries of our 250t Crane

The versatility of the 250t crane makes it ideal for a wide range of applications across various sectors. Its robust design and extensive lifting capacity are perfect for large-scale construction projects, infrastructure developments, and industrial applications. For projects that demand the maximum lifting power and utmost precision, the 250 tonne crane is the preferred choice. From erecting skyscrapers to installing heavy industrial machinery, if it’s heavy or high – the 250 tonne crane gets the job done quickly and safely.

Advantages of the 250 Ton Crane

The 250 ton cranes for hire at Quinlan Cranes offer significant benefits, including enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs. That’s because the crane’s advanced safety systems and robust reliability contribute to a safer work environment, minimising the risk of accidents. In addition, its superior lifting capacity and reach can tackle extremely heavy and complex lifts with ease, ensuring you always meet your deadlines. It’s also extremely adaptable to different industries and terrains, further maximising its utility and making it a valuable asset for any challenging project.

  • Enhanced efficiency.
  • Reduced operational costs.
  • Advanced safety systems for a safer work environment.
  • Lower risk of on-site accidents.
  • Superior lifting capacity and reach for heavy and complex lifts.
  • Adaptable to different industries and terrains.
  • A valuable asset for challenging projects.

Safety Measures of the 250 Tonne Crane

At Quinlan Cranes, safety is our biggest priority, which is why the 250 tonne crane is one of our preferred hires. That’s because it incorporates a host of comprehensive safety features, including advanced load monitoring systems, to ensure the safety of operators and onsite personnel. Regular maintenance and rigorous inspections are conducted by Quinlan Cranes’ experienced technicians, who maintain the highest safety standards, along with specialised training for operators.

Quinlan Cranes’ Streamlined Hiring Process

For projects requiring the formidable lifting capabilities of the 250t crane, our team at Quinlan Cranes is ready to assist. Contact us, and one of our experienced technicians will guide you through our rental process, ensuring you receive a tailored solution that meets your project’s specific needs. We offer full support from consultation to completion, ensuring your project benefits from our expertise and the exceptional capabilities of our 250 tonne crane.

Achieving New Heights Together

The 250 tonne crane represents the pinnacle of heavy lifting technology, combining immense power with precision and safety. With Quinlan Cranes, you gain not just a 250 ton crane for hire in Melbourne and Geelong but a partnership dedicated to the success of your project.

For companies seeking alternative lifting solutions, our extensive fleet is at your disposal – we make sure you have the right crane to meet your project’s unique demands. If the 250 tonne crane isn’t right for your project, call us or check out our full range.

We work closely with you through the crane hire process to ensure you are satisfied with the work we do

We work closely with you through the crane hire process to ensure you are satisfied with the work we do

Diverse & tailored crane
hire solutions you can rely on

Diverse & tailored crane
hire solutions you
can rely on