Liebherr LTM1250


Liebherr 250 Tonne LTM1250 for Hire







Outrigger footprint:


Max tip height:


As the most powerful 5-axle crane on the market, the Liebherr LTM1250 allows you to handle enormous load capacities with new levels of stability. Your site can now benefit from hiring the strongest 5-axle crane currently available on the market, with the strength of the Liebherr LTM1250 allowing you to handle load capacities of up to 250t, with a telescoping boom that’s able to reach up to 60m. This unrivalled reach and power come from the intent of allowing for the maximum possible lifting capacity you can get from a 5-axle mobile crane. Now available to hire, this crane benefits from VarioBallast technologies, allowing it to access a wider ballast radius than you would expect at various load levels.

Meanwhile, the range of boom systems allows for a more flexible machine than you might expect, adjusting lifting modes in seconds, with the ability to fit a multi-functional folding jib, a long lowering fixed jib or a rigid powerful jib. Meanwhile, the elevating cab allows for the best possible view of the load and surrounding area for more efficient operation.

  • Max. load capacity 250t
  • Telescopic boom 60m
  • Max. hoist height 108m
  • Max. radius 96m
  • Number of axles 5

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