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As the most powerful 5-axle crane on the market, the Liebherr LTM1250 allows you to handle enormous load capacities with new levels of stability. Your site can now benefit from hiring the strongest 5-axle crane currently available on the market, with the strength of the Liebherr LTM1250 allowing you to handle load capacities of up to 250t, with a telescoping boom that’s able to reach up to 60m. This unrivalled reach and power come from the intent of allowing for the maximum possible lifting capacity you can get from a 5-axle mobile crane. Now available to hire, this crane benefits from VarioBallast technologies, allowing it to access a wider ballast radius than you would expect at various load levels.

Meanwhile, the range of boom systems allows for a more flexible machine than you might expect, adjusting lifting modes in seconds, with the ability to fit a multi-functional folding jib, a long lowering fixed jib or a rigid powerful jib. Meanwhile, the elevating cab allows for the best possible view of the load and surrounding area for more efficient operation.

  • Max. load capacity 250t
  • Telescopic boom 60m
  • Max. hoist height 108m
  • Max. radius 96m
  • Number of axles 5

Impressive Lifting Capacity and Reach

The Liebherr 250 tonne crane has an impressive lifting capacity and extended reach making it the best choice for a variety of large-scale construction projects in Melbourne. Equipped with a maximum lifting capacity of 250 tonnes and a 6-part telescopic boom extending up to 60 meters,
this 250t crane hire is designed for tasks demanding high strength and precision.

With a 108m maximum hoist height, it’s particularly useful when constructing skyscrapers, bridges, and large infrastructure projects, such as stadiums or transport terminals. Its robust design ensures that both safety and efficiency are prioritised, making this crane ideal for installing
heavy machinery in industrial settings or lifting large pre-fabricated components in residential developments. The LTM1250’s combination of power, reach, and versatility makes it the preferred choice for projects where conventional cranes fall short. If you’re looking for a 250t
crane for hire in Melbourne, the Liebherr 250 tonne LTM1250 ticks all the boxes.

Ease of Transportation

For its size, the Liebherr 250 tonne crane is remarkedly easy to transport from one location to another or across sites, a feature that’s essential for projects in dense urban or restricted areas. It’s all due to its advanced engineering that allows for fast assembly and disassembly,
significantly reducing downtime and maximising on-site mobility.

The crane’s compact design is particularly beneficial for projects in Melbourne’s congested city centre or areas with limited access, where traditional heavy machinery might struggle with space limitations. This makes the Liebherr 250t crane hire an efficient and versatile choice for
navigating and operating in restricted environments.

Advanced Features for Optimised Performance

If you’re looking for a 250t crane for hire in Melbourne, the Liebherr LTM1250 has plenty of high-tech features that make it a popular choice. For example, its rapid TELEMATIC telescopic system and advanced hydraulics provide stable and precise lifting, whilst its 6-part 60m long
boom provides an impressive reach.

Another great feature is its all-terrain capability, making it a versatile crane for a variety of sites, including uneven and challenging areas, as well as city
environments and more remote locations. Its advanced engineering also means it can be easily disassembled, transported and reassembled on-site. This versatility makes this 250t crane hire a reliable choice for different construction needs, offering optimised performance regardless of
the worksite’s location.

Achieve Your Construction Goals with the Liebherr 250 Tonne Crane

With the Liebherr 250 tonne crane, achieving your construction goals quickly becomes a reality. After all, it’s not just about lifting heavy loads; it’s about delivering efficiency, reliability, and safety on your project site. The LTM1250 offers unparalleled capabilities, making it the go-to
solution for complex lifting tasks, whether in rural, urban or city environments. However, if this crane is unsuitable for your project, please view our full range of cranes for hire – and Contact Us – We’ll help find the right crane for your project!

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