Crane Hire Operations Under Covid-19 Restrictions In Victoria

Crane Hire Operations Under Covid-19 Restrictions In Victoria
Crane Hire Operations Under Covid-19 Restrictions In Victoria

In Victoria and in the surrounding areas, COVID-19 Stage 3 and Stage 4 restrictions may have a direct impact on the crane hire industry. As such, we have created this helpful guide so that our customers will know what to expect. Quinlan Cranes is still operating and open for business during the current COVID-19 operational restrictions. Below, we will go over everything you need to know about these restrictions. That way, you can safely continue with construction projects using our COVID Safe Plan.

Will Quinlan Cranes Continue to Operate During Stage 3 and 4 Lockdowns?

Quinlan Cranes plans to continue operations and is still OPEN for business. We are servicing construction clients in Victoria and beyond.

Certain new restrictions have altered the way that our company will proceed with lifting and delivery services. With this in mind, we are working hard to prioritize the safety needs of our clients and customers.

Quinlan Cranes has been implementing and will continue to implement innovative safety solutions for our team, crew members, and clients. Our goal is to ensure the safest and most efficient crane hire services possible throughout any current and future COVID-19 impacts. The safety of our workers and customers has always been and will continue to be a top priority at Quinlan Cranes.

Can Crane Services be Hired During Coronavirus Restrictions?

Yes. The mobile crane operations sector falls under the Stage 3 Industries List of Distribution. As part of the rental hiring sector, cranes are permitted to operate provided that they follow a COVID Safety Plan.

Crane hire companies have been deemed essential and provide a permitted service or industry. Therefore, these services are for the most part allowed to continue operating. Many crane rental companies are also permitted to visit multiple job site locations during lockdowns.

Provisions and Essential Service Considerations

With this in mind, some crane hire services may be restricted if a job site has been deemed non-essential. Although most construction sites are still considered to be essential work sites, certain jobs may be halted during lockdown periods. This is especially true during Stage 4 Lockdowns, such as those in place in Melbourne.

Scaling Back Services and Reduction of New Projects

Some companies have been instructed to scale back production by as much as 75% in the Melbourne area. As such, construction sites in Melbourne have been required to reduce their workforce to a practical minimum. This is especially true for large building construction. No more than 25% of their workers are allowed on site at once.

Small Site Workforce Scaling

Smaller companies in Melbourne have been restricted to only 5 workers on-site at a time. In the greater Victoria area, Stage 3 Restrictions are in place. Under Stage 3 Restrictions, small companies have been required to implement COVID Safe Plans.

Therefore, small site construction in Melbourne is more restrictive than in greater Victoria. Stage 4 Restrictions are currently in place in Melbourne to reduce community transmission in larger metropolitan areas. Small sites in greater Victoria under Stage 3 Restrictions are still operating efficiently with larger workforces than those in Melbourne.

Mobile Crane Hire Companies Are Still Operating in Victoria

The main types of mobile cranes operating in Victoria are:

• Hydraulic boom cranes
• Lattice boom cranes including crawler cranes
• Non-slewing (pick-up-and-carry) cranes

How Have COVID Restrictions Altered Operations for Victoria?

To comply with current COVID restrictions, our company has minimised the number of construction sites our employees attend wherever possible.

Additionally, we are providing opportunities for some office staff members to work from home. When we send cranes to a job site, we keep to a minimum the crew members sent with the rented crane.

As a result, contractors can factor this information into their current schedules and comply with on-site restrictions and limitations. We are also working to ensure our employees are complying with a carefully prepared COVID Safe Plan.

Are there any key crane hire considerations to keep in mind considering the COVID-19 safety guidelines in Victoria?

To comply with the current COVID-19 restrictions, we recommend limiting the number of crew members on a job site once. We can assist you as you work to keep the number of individuals on a site down.

For example, we can help you come up with the most efficient crane hire operational plan possible as you schedule services. Whether that means breaking up a job into efficient operational steps or helping you schedule jobs based on how many people must be present at once, Quinlan Cranes is here to help..

You can call and speak with one of our experienced consultants to come up with a customized crane hire plan based on your unique needs. At Quinlan Cranes, we will work hard to help you form an efficient streamlined plan that prioritizes safety and adheres to the current COVID-19 Restrictions. We can also discuss specific restrictions for certain types of cranes such as rough terrain cranes, crane trucks, and the like.

Our goal is to help our clients complete construction jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible while also keeping staff and crew members safe and healthy. Safety always has been and will continue to be a top priority at Quinlan Cranes.

We can assist you in compliance with COVID-19 Restrictions by:

• Informing you of current restrictions in each area in and around Victoria

• Scheduling services based on the number of workers on-site at a time

• Creating customized crane usage solutions based on your unique job site safety needs

• Ensuring that COVID-19 construction restrictions are followed

• Implementing and operating under a COVID Safe Plan.

Why to Choose Quinlan Cranes for Safety and Efficiency?

At Quinlan Cranes, safety has always been one of our top priorities. We have always done everything in our power to make sure that our customers, operators, and crew are kept as safe as possible. With COVID-19 impacts, we are continuing to protect our employees and customers in every way possible. Now more than ever, the community counts on safe crane operations. We will continue to work safely providing innovative operational solutions for our clients and workers!