Top 4 Benefits to Renting a Crane

Top 4 Benefits to Renting a Crane
Top 4 Benefits To Renting a Crane



There is nothing close to providing the benefits of heavy lifting at a construction site like a crane.
Cranes come in different sizes according to your needs and may vary from smaller, mobile cranes to rough terrain cranestruck-mounted cranes, overhead cranes, and the like. If there is heavy lifting, there is a crane for the job. However, for a variety of reasons many construction companies choose to rent their cranes rather than buy them. Here are the top 5 benefits of renting a crane.
1. Full utilization of a crane

Many construction companies are constantly taking up new projects. However, there is no one particular crane that meets the needs of every job site. For one job, construction companies may need a specialized rough terrain crane to operate in a remote area. But the next job may have a tightly limited space to work within the city and thus a mobile crane is needed.
As there are 7 major types of cranes, each costing anywhere from $250,000 to up to $1.5 million or more, it makes sense only to acquire the crane or cranes you will use constantly and that utilization is most easily maximized through renting rather than buying.

2. Experienced Operators and Riggers are provided

With a rental crane, while it is possible to operate it yourself, it makes more sense to have the rental company provide the operator.
First of all, running and operating a crane is serious business and when you use your own operator you risk liability if the operator makes a major mistake and damages other equipment, personnel or costly supplies like steel girders.
With a rental company, you are getting a full-service team of experienced operators who will have their own liability insurance.
In addition, with an operator from a rental crane company, you do not have to add an operator on your payroll, provide medical insurance, take out social security taxes, and the like since the operator is not an employee.
In addition, operating a crane is a highly skilled business. If you hire a crane operator off the street so to speak, there is no guarantee that they are skilled in each type of crane equipment that your company may use.
The more varied your crane use is, the more it makes sense to have a fully licensed and experienced crane operator from a rental service.
Let all the headaches, of training, maintenance, and storage fall on the rental company. And if you have multiple jobs at once you will quickly see the advantage of contracting with a rental crane company. There is no reason why one project needs to wait until your crane is free. With a rental company, as many cranes as you need are available 24/7.

3. Back-up cranes are available

The maintenance of cranes is a very intensive job. And cranes are under constant, very intense loads. Therefore, they need to be inspected and certified for use monthly.
And when a crane is down or needs a major overhaul, it may take a week or two for a crane to be back in service.
However, crane rental companies have backup cranes available at the drop of a hat. So your project doesn’t need to stop or slow down when a crane needs a major part replaced.
In addition, because the rental company stores and maintains their cranes when not out for hire, you save a lot of money by not having to hire mechanics, and you also need not invest in a storage shed for those expensive machines.

4. Experience tells

Construction companies hiring out a crane rental company get more done. Crane rental companies providing crane operators know that construction companies hire them for their ability to operate a crane, know its limitations, and move heavy steel girders and move freight quickly and without a hitch.
Companies, as mentioned, do save a lot of money by avoiding buying their own cranes, hiring crane operators, and hiring crane maintenance experts, but naturally, the rate they pay to the rental company is a little higher,
In return, however, companies hiring a crane operator with their crane operator expect maximum performance from their leased operators,
Every moment on the job, crane rental operators are watched carefully by the company’s line supervisors and as they are paying top dollar, they in turn demand superior performance.
Rental companies know to only send trained, experienced workers to a job site which makes a construction firm want to hire the rental company again and again.
Repeat business is a crane rental company’s bread and butter.
So if you want the best, hire the best crane operators from a rental company.