What are all terrain cranes and why do you need them?

What are all terrain cranes and why do you need them?

Need help with crane hire in Geelong? Unless you need to construct a building over ten stories high, the best crane for your job is likely an all-terrain crane. These are the range rovers of the crane world because they can work on and off-road, are highly manoeuvrable, don’t care about the weather, power down the freeway and can lift loads of up to 1000 tonnes.

All-terrain crane hire is one of our specialities due to all the construction that’s going on in and around Geelong. We have a fleet of these cranes available for hire and they’re always popular with construction companies due to their versatility.

What are all terrain cranes?

All terrain cranes give you the best of both worlds because they’re a hybrid between a rough terrain crane (designed to operate on undeveloped ground) and a pick and carry crane (designed to lift and carry loads for short distances). All terrain cranes are specifically designed to access hard-to-reach sites and operate on different types of terrain, including uneven ground, sand, gravel, sealed and unsealed roads, and freeways.

When considering crane hire for your next project, you need to know that whilst these cranes are one of the largest available, they have the mobility of truck-mounted cranes with the manoeuvrability of rough terrain cranes. This combination makes them the best choice for remote construction sites as well as urban sites.

Your crane also comes with a hydraulically powered telescopic boom and all-wheel drive system, giving you the versatility and flexibility to operate across multiple job sites.

Benefits of All Terrain Crane Hire

All-terrain crane hire is often the hire of choice for most construction companies in Geelong. That’s because of its superior lifting abilities, mobility and manoeuvrability, safety and comfort, and minimal time to full setup.

Superior Lifting Abilities

Lifting loads to 1000 tonnes (depending on the model) and heights of 150 metres, all-terrain crane hire gives you the versatility needed to accomplish a diverse range of jobs on site. Whether it’s lifting pre-cast concrete slabs into place or taking girders up to the tenth floor of new construction, an all-terrain crane gets the job done easily.

Mobility and Manoeuvrability

The all-wheel system gives you the mobility and manoeuvrability to drive across a muddy, uneven construction site, dirt road, gravel and sand and then cruise along the freeway at a decent 80km/hr to the next site.

Safety and Comfort

The large and high windows in the cab provide the driver with an unobstructed view of the surroundings, which is particularly important during a lift. The ergonomic seat and climate-controlled cab ensure that the driver is comfortable and able to focus on their work.

Minimal time to full setup

Once the all-terrain crane hire is on site, the driver initiates the automatic levelling of the crane and if required, ensures that the outriggers are in place to add stability when lifting. That’s it! It doesn’t take long for the crane to be ready for lifting and it can be packed up and moved on to the next site, just as quickly.

Should you opt for all terrain crane hire?

All-terrain crane hire is the best choice for job sites with no road access, uneven ground or where you need to move between different sites, whether along sealed or unsealed roads. These cranes are beasts and can do just about any type of lifting job you need for your development. Whether you’re installing oil or gas pipelines, erecting wind turbines, lifting steel frames, installing phone towers or lifting pre-cast concrete sections, an all-terrain crane is your best option.

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