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Max tip height:


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of finding the right vehicle to work in your environment, especially when the work site is restrictive, and the Franna AT20 Crane For Hire can be the perfect choice for that. A smaller alternative to the MAC25, this mid-sized, mobile pick and carry crane is designed to be compact, and able to work well in smaller spots, while still offering the same excellent load capabilities of up to 20t.

Features such as adjustable wear pads and boom structure make this crane a safer addition to any work site, and it is built to work well across a wide range of terrain types, which can make it perfect for not just sites that are smaller or involve more restricted spaces, but those that other vehicles might not operate as steadily within.

  • 20t maximum capacity
  • Able to reach a max tip height of 17m
  • Fly jib length of 2.9m
  • Length: 9.75m / Width: 2.5m / Height: 3.07m
  • Load chart and specifications available for more details

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If you are looking for a 20 tonne crane that delivers the goods, the Franna 20 tonne AT20 is an impressive model with an exceptional lifting capacity and is among the most versatile machines out there that offer a lengthy boom reach of measurement. Its massive reach guarantees it is at home in a wide range of applications. From infrastructure projects to transporting materials over difficult terrains, heavy-duty machinery doesn’t come more impressive than this.


While the Franna 20 tonne has exceptional performance, its compact dimensions make it easy and effective in every setting. Its impressive travelling speed, coupled with its modest size, guarantees quick work for any project. Agility and adaptability are critical when using any mobile crane, and the Franna 20 tonne delivers on every front.


Choosing the Franna 20 tonne comes with many advantages. The Franna 20 tonne offers some of the following features:

  • A hydraulic winch with 2-speed and full hook compensation.
  • A winch line pull with a full drum of 4.2 tonnes and a 2-speed winch.
  • A boom head designed for maximum clearance for machinery installation.
  • An 800-litre front-mounted sling and tackle compartment, with opening front and top doors to guarantee easy access.
  • Front bonnet cover hinged, this allows for full access to the main hydraulics, pilot hydraulics, and service points.
  • 40-degree articulation on each side of the centre, providing a total of 80 degrees of slewing arc.

At Quinlan Cranes, we are proud to be the primary crane hire service in Werribee. If you’re looking for a crane hire port in Melbourne, we can deliver top-tier service and complete crane hire solutions to meet your needs. However, if this crane is not suitable for you, you can see our extensive range of cranes for hire. We provide a variety of different crane services that guarantee versatility, unparalleled lifting capacity, and mobility to ensure that every job is well-catered for.


If you are looking for a safe, sturdy, and smaller alternative to cranes like the MAC25, the AT20 provides a number of operator-friendly features:

  • Fuel efficiency, which reduces operating costs and provides a positive impact on the environment.
  • Compact design to work efficiently in confined spaces.
  • Mobility, as they are designed as pick-and-carry cranes, they can move around a job site without the need for a separate transport vehicle.
  • Quick and simple setup, meaning operators can spend more time on tasks, improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Advanced safety features, including outrigger systems, emergency shutdown, and load monitoring systems.


Hiring this Franna 20 tonne crane will guarantee a versatile, strong, and modest crane that will give your operations greater efficiency with its high lifting capacity. This crane suits a variety of needs and is a reliable choice on any terrain, most particularly in smaller or more restricted locations. If you are looking for a crane hire expert in Melbourne, get in contact with Quinlan Cranes today for all your crane hire needs!

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