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Tadano 60 Tonne GT600 for Hire







Outrigger footprint:


Max tip height:


Amongst the premier Japanese-designed truck cranes, the Tadano GT600, now for hire, offers 60t carry capacity with a 43m boom. The Tadano GT600 for hire, represents one of the finest examples of Japanese engineering in the truck crane worked, with its excellent engineering allowing for a carrying capacity of 60t while wielding a 43m boom, making it the longest in its class. The rounded design of the boom and the high-tensile steel production allows for a lower boom weight without compromising on its load chart.

With the GT600, there is no need to dismount the counterweights when transporting across the roads, meaning there’s no need for additional setup when you get to the site. Meanwhile, the hydraulic suspension system on all axles enables for excellent shock and vibration absorptions. This can make this crane more reliable in certain conditions, such as on bad roads (though it’s not designed for difficult terrain.) This truck crane is now available to hire, allowing your site access to the strength and reach it needs.

  • Length: 13.5m
  • Width: 3.0m
  • Height: 3.75m
  • Outrigger footprint: 6.13m x 7.0m
  • Max tip height: 58m

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