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Outrigger footprint:


Max tip height:


A mobile articulate pick and carry crane, the Franna MAC25-4 SL is well suited to bring versatility and flexibility where other cranes cannot manoeuvre as easily.

If you’re in need of a crane that’s to manoeuvre loads across difficult spaces that others might not handle as well, then the Franna MAC25-4 SL might just be the machine that you need to hire. This mobile articulated pick n carry crane might not be suited to the heaviest of loads, but it’s able to articulate the crane in ways that can help it reach spaces that other cranes might have difficulty with, bringing some much-needed versatility to the work site.

With a 25t capacity at a 1.4m radius, it’s able to lift 14.8t at 3.0m, and 1.8t at a 15.7m radius. The hook (with a maximum height of 18m) comes with a 6-part 25t hook block. Standard controls and an accessible and visible interior panel make it an easier tool for operators to use, while the new and improved LMI system brings features such as upgrade side slope duration to make for safer crane operations.

  • Boom: 18.4m
  • Width: 2.72m
  • Length: 9.99m
  • Height: 3.08m
  • Weight: 24,000kg
  • Super Lift CWT is available

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Impressive Lifting Capacity and Reach

The MAC25-4 SL is a 25-tonne crane with a remarkable lifting capacity and reach for its size. Also known as a Pick and Carry Crane, the MAC25-4 SL has proven to be one of our most popular Franna hire cranes because of its versatility and ability to navigate in confined spaces.

With an impressive 15.7m reach and a 25-tonne maximum load capacity, it’s ideal for lifting and moving large, heavy construction materials and equipment around job sites. It’s the top choice for bridge construction crews, road maintenance and urban construction sites.

Ease of Transportation

Thanks to its innovative design, this 25-tonne crane offers exceptional manoeuvrability and hassle-free transportation between locations or job sites. Its compact size, narrow width and agile steering make it easy to navigate through tight corners, congested construction sites, and narrow access points.

With a turning radius of 7.9m and a top-rated speed of 80 km/hr, these Franna hire mobile cranes are equally impressive on the road. The ability to drive between job sites or from one side of a construction zone to another without additional transportation makes this Franna hire crane a favourite with customers.

Advanced Features For Optimised Performance

The Franna 25 Tonne MAC25-4 SL is packed with advanced features that optimise its performance, ensuring that it’s the best crane hire for the job.

  • Variable Outrigger Positions: This feature ensures that Franna hire cranes can quickly adapt to different terrains. The outrigger provides stability during lifting, enhances safety and allows operators to perform precision lifts on uneven surfaces.
  • Telescopic Boom: The telescopic boom extends the reach of these mobile cranes to 15.7m, enabling access to high or distant drop/pickup zones. This feature reduces the need to reposition the 25-tonne crane, enhancing efficiency and helping to meet deadlines.
  • Load Moment Indicator (LMI): Fitted with a top-of-the-range LMI, these Franna hire mobile cranes benefit from real-time load data that prevents boom overload and promotes safe lifting practices onsite.
  • Ergonomic Cabin Design: The cabin is designed for comfort and efficiency, reducing operator fatigue during long working hours, whether on-site or driving between job sites.
  • SL Upgrade: This feature adds an additional counterweight to the crane’s rear, increasing its rated lifting capacity by up to 30%.
  • Counterweight Removal: The hydraulic counterweight system allows for fast setups, as well as speedy adjustments and easy removal. The adaptability of this 25-tonne crane to changing load requirements is one of its unique features.

Achieve Your Construction Goals With The Franna 25 Tonne MAC25-4 SL

Achieving your construction goals becomes a reality with the Franna 25 Tonne MAC25-4 SL. These powerful mobile cranes combine versatility and strength to meet the demands of a diverse range of construction projects. With a 25-tonne lifting capacity and impressive reach, this Franna hire crane effortlessly handles heavy loads and places them with expert precision at their drop-off points. It’s also easy to manoeuvre on construction sites and is ideal for narrow, confined spaces, uneven terrain and public roads.

Why Choose Quinlan Crane Hire in Werribee and Port Melbourne?

Choosing the Franna 25 Tonne MAC25-4 SL for your project provides several benefits that optimise onsite safety, maximise productivity, enhance efficiency, and help you reach important deadlines.

  • Safely lifts up to 25 tonnes.
  • Easily adapts to different load requirements.
  • Maintains stability and safety on uneven terrain.
  • Relocates with minimal hassle.

If the Franna 25 Tonne MAC25-4 SL is not suitable for your use purpose, please view our full range of Franna hire cranes or contact us to discuss your project’s requirements.

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