Liebherr 100 Tonne LTM1100 for Hire







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With a 60m boom and a load capacity of 100t, the Liebherr LTM1100 crane for hire offers a combination of strength and reach now available for hire on your site. Powerful, with excellent reach, and improved mobility, the Liebherr LTM1100 could be just the crane you need for your site and is now available for hire. This crane comes with excellent lifting capabilities, able to handle a maximum load of up to 100t with a radius of 3m of movement. The telescopic boom extends up to 60m, making it one of the longest in its class as well. That said, the relatively light weight of this crane affords it extra mobility that can make it a very convenient option for the site.

As a 5-axle crane, this vehicle offers versatility through different driving states, enabling it to handle driving and site conditions of a wide variety, including the Hillstart-Aid which can help prevent it from rolling backwards when you’re heading up hills, while an improved support system ensures stability thanks to the VarioBase, enabling higher lifting capacities.

  • Max. load capacity: 100t
  • Telescopic boom up to 60.00m
  • Max. hoist height: 91m
  • Max. radius: 66m
  • Driving speed: 85.00km/h

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The Liebherr LTM1100, renowned for its power, reach, and enhanced mobility, is now readily available for hire at Quinlan Cranes. With its 60m boom and 100t load capacity, this all-terrain crane is designed to handle a wide range of heavy lifting tasks with utmost precision and efficiency. It’s an ideal solution for complex projects that demand strength, reach, and the ability to navigate challenging terrains.

The LTM1100 offers an impressive load capacity of up to 100t, giving you the power to handle substantial loads with ease. Its telescopic boom extends up to 60m, which is one of the longest in its class, offering excellent reach to support various applications such as:

• Construction of high-rise buildings.
• Infrastructure development projects.
• Lifting and positioning of heavy machinery.
• Loading and unloading tasks in ports and warehouses.

Despite its considerable lifting capabilities, the LTM1100 is relatively lightweight. This makes it a highly mobile crane, capable of manoeuvring around the site with ease and speed. As a 5-axle vehicle, it offers incredible versatility and can handle various driving states, making it adaptable to diverse site conditions.

The LTM1100 is equipped with the Hillstart-Aid feature, which prevents the crane from rolling backwards while navigating uphill terrains. This safety feature adds to its overall site adaptability. Moreover, the VarioBase support system ensures stability during operation and enables higher lifting capacities. These advanced features, combined with a maximum driving speed of 85km/h, make the LTM1100 a reliable and efficient crane for many applications.

Choosing the Liebherr LTM1100 crane for your project is synonymous with efficiency, power, and versatility. Here are the key benefits:

• Superior lifting power: Handles loads up to 100 tonnes.
• Excellent reach: The telescopic boom extends to 60m, offering impressive reach.
• High mobility: Despite its load capacity, it’s lightweight and highly manoeuvrable.
• Versatility: Capable of handling diverse driving states and site conditions.
• Advanced features: Includes Hillstart-Aid and VarioBase for added safety.

The Liebherr LTM1100 provides the right blend of strength, reach, and mobility, making it an invaluable addition to your project. Whether building a skyscraper, constructing a bridge, or installing heavy machinery, the LTM1100 is the crane to trust. When hiring Liebherr LTM1100 from Quinlan Cranes, you get more than just a heavy-duty machine – you get a reliable partner that can help take your project to new heights.

At Quinlan Cranes, we understand the complexity and demands of modern construction and infrastructure projects. So we provide machines like the Liebherr LTM1100 that offer exceptional performance and versatility. When you hire the LTM1100, you choose a solution that elevates your operational capabilities, enhances safety, and ensures project success.

Discover the power and efficiency of the Liebherr LTM1100, a true game-changer in all-terrain cranes. Experience the difference with the Liebherr LTM1100 and propel your project towards success. Let Quinlan Cranes be the driving force behind your project’s triumph. Contact us today, and let’s build the future with the mighty LTM1100.

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