Quinlan Crane HMF 4220K Truck Hire


HMF 12.5 Tonne 4220K for Hire


10.16m + 7.3m





Outrigger footprint:


Max tip height:


The HMF 4220K is available for hire, allowing your site to benefit from this all-round crane with a wide range of lifting options, including fly-jib and grab. If you’re looking for a crane that’s reliable, versatile, and offers some real lifting strength, then the HMF 4220K, now available for hire, might be worth a closer look. This all-round crane benefits from a sophisticated dual-link system, allowing for uniform speed and lifting capacity, while additional lifting peripheral options such as fly-jib or grab make it more well suited to an even wider range of applications. You don’t need to sacrifice a lot of room for that versatility and power either, with lower space requirements and lower tare weight than many in its class.

Able to lift 1570kg at 17.1m, this crane is fitted with a Heavy Duty Lifting system which means operators are better able to tackle loads where they might otherwise have to give up. This makes the crane perfect for handling bulky items, such as containers and machinery.

  • Max. carrying capacity: 1.57t
  • Load Torque: 341kNm
  • At max. reach: 17.1m
  • Weight: 17t
  • Hydraulic base support

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