Tadano 100 Tonne ATF100G-4 for Hire







Outrigger footprint:


Max tip height:


Enjoy an all-terrain crane with excellent carrying capacities with the help of the Tadano ATF100G-4, now available to hire. Amongst the most powerful machines in the all-terrain category, the Tadano ATF100G-4 is a crane that’s able to handle a maximum lift capacity of 100t, while boasting a very long reaching boom of 168 feet. This high-power all-terrain crane is now available to hire, allowing the lifting power you need at your site, even on difficult terrain conditions. With a Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder OM 470 LA Tier IV compliant diesel engine operating at 435 horsepower, this crane offers a max travelling speed of 85km/h, making it easy to get to your site and get to work.

The 6-section 51m rounded boom is made of tensile steel, allowing a lower boom weight without compromising on its strengths. The crane also boasts one stationary section and 5 telescoping sections extended by a single telescoping cylinder.

  • Overall Length: 1.35m
  • Overall Width: 2.8m
  • Overall Height: 3.9m
  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 100t x 2.5m
  • Max. Load Radius with Boom & Jib: 56.0m

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The Tadano ATF100G-4, now available for hire at Quinlan Cranes, epitomises strength, flexibility, and efficiency in all-terrain cranes. Boasting a carrying capacity of up to 100 tonnes, this crane delivers unparalleled performance across various tasks and terrains. It’s engineered to perform in challenging environments, making it an excellent choice for projects requiring heavy lifting and extended reach capabilities. The ATF100G-4 is designed to overcome the most demanding challenges, enabling your projects to reach new heights of productivity and success.

The ATF100G-4 stands out with its exceptional lifting capacity of 100 tonnes. It’s amongst the most potent machines in the all-terrain category. This crane’s impressive strength, coupled with a lengthy boom reach of 168 feet, enables the transportation and placement of large, heavy objects with precision and ease. Such capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

• Construction of multi-storey buildings.
• Infrastructure projects.
• Heavy machinery installations.
• Material transportation over challenging terrains.

The ATF100G-4 is powered by a robust Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder OM 470 LA Tier IV-compliant diesel engine. With 435 horsepower, this engine ensures the crane operates smoothly even under substantial loads. Additionally, the crane offers a maximum travelling speed of 85km/h, allowing swift on-site mobility and reducing the time between jobs, thereby contributing to overall project efficiency.

The ATF100G-4 features a 6-section 51m rounded boom made from tensile steel. This design reduces boom weight without compromising strength, allowing the crane to handle substantial loads safely and efficiently. The crane also boasts one stationary section and five telescoping sections extended by a single telescoping cylinder. This mechanism facilitates quick and easy adjustments to the boom length, improving operational efficiency and versatility.

Despite its powerful performance, the ATF100G-4 has compact dimensions (1.35m length, 2.8m width, 3.9m height), making it easy to transport to and from different job sites. When compacted, the crane’s relatively small size and impressive travelling speed ensure fast and efficient relocation between projects. It means the ATF100G-4 is a powerful lifting machine and an incredibly agile and adaptable tool on site.

Choosing the Tadano ATF100G-4 for your next project comes with numerous advantages. Here’s what this crane offers:

• Handles loads up to 100 tonnes with ease.
• With a boom length of up to 168 feet, it can reach considerable heights and distances.
• Powered by a robust 435 horsepower Mercedes-Benz diesel engine.
• Maximum travelling speed of 85km/h ensures rapid transit between locations.
• Despite its power, the crane’s compact dimensions facilitate easy transportation.

When hiring the ATF100G-4, you’ll gain a versatile and capable crane that offers excellent mobility, high lifting capacity, and efficient operation. Whether your project involves construction, infrastructure, or heavy machinery installation, the Tadano ATF100G-4 is the reliable choice to handle heavy loads on any terrain. Embrace the power, reliability, and flexibility of the ATF100G-4 with Quinlan Cranes. Let’s redefine the boundaries of success together.

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