Liebherr 230 Tonne LTM1230 for Hire







Outrigger footprint:


Max tip height:


An all-terrain mobile crane that brings excellent mobility, the Liebherr LTM1220 is available to hire, weight its boom length of 60m and 220m carrying capacity. Enjoy the very best in strength, versatility and reliability on your site thanks to the power of the Liebherr LTM1230. This powerful all-terrain mobile crane, now available for hire, boasts a large footprint, meaning it might not be suited for the smallest sites, but it offers a huge 230t carry capacity, allowing it to transport very large loads across uneven terrain with relative ease thanks to the gross weight of the 5-axle model. With both a telescopic boom and long swing-away jib extension, it offers real versatility, too.

With both full and partial ballast options, this crane manages a maximum boom length of up to 75m. This boom is made all the more convenient thanks to rapid-action TELEMATIC telescoping action. Meanwhile, the VarioBallast allows for high lifting capacities at a much wider radius than would otherwise be available.

  • Length: 15.58m
  • Width: 3.10m
  • Height: 3.75m
  • Boom: 12.7m – 75m
  • Max height: 111m

Quinlan Cranes is proud to offer the Liebherr LTM1230 for hire, a masterpiece of modern engineering. This high-end, all-terrain mobile crane is recognised for its impeccable quality, efficiency, and versatility. This powerful piece of machinery, known for its precision and robust construction, is ideal for various demanding construction and lifting tasks. Whether working on infrastructure projects, constructing high-rises, or managing heavy-duty industrial operations, the LTM1230 can elevate your productivity.

One of the standout features of the LTM1230 is its extraordinary lifting capacity. Able to lift an impressive 230 tonnes, the crane exhibits an unbeatable blend of resilience and power. Furthermore, the crane offers a 75m maximum boom length, allowing for operation at significant heights and spans. It’s an ideal solution for:

• Construction of towering high-rise buildings.
• Installation of substantial heavy machinery or structures.
• Extensive material handling on large-scale sites.

The LTM1230 is not just about power; it’s also a model of versatility. The crane has a telescopic boom and a long swing-away jib extension. These features, complemented by rapid-action TELEMATIC telescoping action, ensure efficient and easy adjustments in boom length, making it possible to cater to varying operational requirements promptly and efficiently.
Adding to its versatility, the VarioBallast feature expands the crane’s functional range, enabling high lifting capacities at a larger radius. This means increased stability during heavy lifting tasks, making it safer and more reliable.

The LTM1230 doesn’t compromise mobility. Its 5-axle model facilitates easy manoeuvrability across diverse terrains, ensuring adaptability for various job sites. This all-terrain mobile crane’s extensive footprint guarantees firm anchorage during operations, bolstering safety and operational efficiency.
In addition, the crane boasts both full and partial ballast options, offering the ability to adjust the weight and stability based on task-specific requirements. This adaptability sets the LTM1230 apart from other cranes, providing a level of customisation that is truly unique.

Despite its robust operational capabilities, the LTM1230 features compact dimensions (15.58m length, 3.10m width, 3.75m height) that ensure hassle-free transportation between locations or job sites. This feature minimises logistical challenges, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – getting the job done right.

Choosing the Liebherr LTM1230 from Quinlan Cranes translates to numerous benefits. To summarise, you can:

• Handle hefty loads with confidence.
• Adapt swiftly to diverse job requirements.
• Navigate through different terrains with ease.
• Tailor the crane’s weight and stability to suit your needs.
• Relocate the crane with minimal hassle.

The Liebherr LTM1230 crane, renowned for its exceptional strength, unwavering reliability, and remarkable performance, stands poised to conquer any challenge, irrespective of scale or complexity. When choosing the LTM1230, you’re making a strategic investment and optimising the productivity and effectiveness of your construction or lifting project.
Experience the superior quality and craftsmanship of the Liebherr LTM1230 and elevate your project to unparalleled heights of success. Call Quinlan Cranes today!

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