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Ensure the lifting power that you need across all kinds of terrain, with the power of this Tadano ATF40 crane, now available to hire. Providing the kind of lifting power you need across all manner of terrain, the Tadano ATF40 can help you handle loads on some of the most troublesome site conditions, useful for a wide variety of applications. This is an all-terrain two-axle crane for hire that is powerful yet compact enough to work in a wide variety of spaces, typically used for rigging other cranes as well as lifting smaller objects, especially in tough terrain conditions that other cranes aren’t as reliable on.

The Tadano ATF40 comes with a 40t lifting capacity, with a 35.2m boom, as well as the ability to add a 9m fly jib to additional height, and a 6.5t counterweight. All-wheel drive and steering make this machine better able to access all kinds of terrain.

  • Max. load capacity 40t
  • Max. Lifting Height 35.5m + Jib 9m
  • Max. Load Radius Boom 32.0m + Jib 9.0m
  • Boom Length 10.45m – 35.2m
  • Boom extension 9m

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Outstanding Lifting Capacity and Reach

The Tadano ATF40 is a 40-tonne crane with an outstanding lifting capacity and reach. This all-terrain crane has the muscle to handle substantial loads, making it an invaluable asset across diverse terrains and applications. With a 35.2m boom and an additional 9m fly jib, it can effortlessly pick up and deliver construction materials and equipment to elevated work areas with precision.

Whether in city, urban, rural or remote locations, its 40-tonne lifting capacity makes the Tadano 40-tonne ATF40 the ideal crane hire for general construction, as well as rigging other cranes onsite. It’s also used in factories and warehouses to lift heavy machinery that needs replacement, maintenance or repair.

Seamless Handling on Sealed & Unsealed Roads

The Tadano ATF40 is the ideal all-terrain crane because it can navigate tough environments where other cranes would struggle to manoeuvre safely. Features such as 2-axels and all-wheel drive ensure that it has no problem taking tight corners, whilst its compact size and 2.6m width lets it easily navigate narrow lanes and access points.

With a maximum travelling speed of 85km/h, driving on urban or city roads is a breeze, keeping up with traffic easily. Off-road, it’s the perfect crane for navigating uneven terrain or uneven surfaces and can quickly relocate across job sites.

Advanced Features That Redefine All-Terrain Cranes

This 40-tonne crane is not just any crane, it’s a masterpiece of engineering with an array of advanced features that redefine lifting efficiency and safety in urban and remote locations.

  • Smart Load Moment Indicator (LMI): Equipped with a cutting-edge LMI, the Tadano 40 Tonne ATF40 operator receives real-time load data, ensuring precise and safe lifting operations.
  • Telescopic Boom: The Torano 40-tonne crane provides an impressive 35.2m boom with an additional 9m fly jib that allows easy access to elevated areas.
  • All-Terrain Dominance: With all-wheel drive, the Tadano 40 Tonne ATF40 conquers any terrain, from rugged construction sites to remote, challenging locations.
  • Compact Design: Despite its immense power, the compact size of this hire crane allows it to work in tight spaces, making it ideal for urban and city projects.
  • Counterweight Control: The 5-tonne counterweight ensures stability during operations, and its hydraulic system allows for precise counterweight adjustments.

Reach Deadlines With The Tadano 40 Tonne ATF40

The Tadano 40-tonne crane plays a pivotal role in helping project managers meet critical deadlines. Its extraordinary lifting capacity and extensive reach ensure that tasks are completed quickly and efficiently, whilst its all-terrain capabilities make short work of uneven or rough terrain. Setting up is fast and efficient, as is relocating between sites.

The reliability of this all-terrain crane, coupled with its robust construction, instils confidence in project managers, helping meet project milestones quickly.

Optimise Your Workload With Quinlan Crane Hire in Port Melbourne and Werribee

Crane hire in Werribee and Port Melbourne is easy with Quinlan Cranes. If the Tadano 40 Tonne ATF40 is unsuitable for your next project, or you need help making your selection, you can check out our full crane hire range or contact us for assistance.

As an all-terrain crane, the Tadano 40 Tonne ATF40 is ideal for projects with narrow access points, tight corners and complex or rugged ground. Its extensive reach and 40-tonne lifting capacity make it the perfect crane hire for many projects, from urban construction sites to factories, warehouses, and remote locations.

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