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Tadano 40 Tonne ATF40 for Hire







Outrigger footprint:


Max tip height:


Ensure the lifting power that you need across all kinds of terrain, with the power of this Tadano ATF40 crane, now available to hire. Providing the kind of lifting power you need across all manner of terrain, the Tadano ATF40 can help you handle loads on some of the most troublesome site conditions, useful for a wide variety of applications. This is an all-terrain two-axle crane for hire that is powerful yet compact enough to work in a wide variety of spaces, typically used for rigging other cranes as well as lifting smaller objects, especially in tough terrain conditions that other cranes aren’t as reliable on.

The Tadano ATF40 comes with a 40t lifting capacity, with a 35.2m boom, as well as the ability to add a 9m fly jib to additional height, and a 6.5t counterweight. All-wheel drive and steering make this machine better able to access all kinds of terrain.

  • Max. load capacity 40t
  • Max. Lifting Height 35.5m + Jib 9m
  • Max. Load Radius Boom 32.0m + Jib 9.0m
  • Boom Length 10.45m – 35.2m
  • Boom extension 9m

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