Quinlan Crane Liebherr LTM1220 Hire


Liebherr 220 Tonne LTM1220 for Hire







Outrigger footprint:


Max tip height:


An all-terrain mobile crane that brings excellent mobility, the Liebherr LTM1220 is available to hire, weight its boom length of 60m and 220m carrying capacity. Your site can immediately benefit from the strength and versatility of the Liebherr LTM1220, a highly powerful all-terrain mobile crane. While not the most compact of packages, these cranes boast incredible strength, with a carrying capacity of 220t. The gross weight of the 5-axle model is taken advantage of to the fullest, ensuring the highest load capacities. This crane comes with a telescopic boom extension as well as a long swing-away jib, allowing for improved hook height and radius.

The optimum lifting capacities of this crane are ensured by full and partial ballast options, allowing a boom length of up to 60m. Other features of this crane include the rapid-action TELEMATIC telescoping system, allowing you to reliably get the boom in position all the quicker, as well as all-terrain drive thanks to improved suspension hydraulics, making it a reliable option in unreliable conditions.

  • Length: 15.52m
  • Width: 3.10m
  • Height: 4.00m
  • Boom: 13.3m – 60m
  • Max height: 101m

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